Alistair Morrison.

There are rumours that Alistair Morrison – once the managing director of the e-learning content developer Skillchange Systems, then of VEGA, Lorien Customer Focus and other organisations and an e-learning entrepreneur contemporary of Donald Clark – has finally severed his ties with the learning technologies sector. After well over 20 years in the industry, he has resigned his membership of the British Institute for Learning and Development (BILD) – his last official tie with the industry in which he first made his name.


For some years, Alistair has been working as a marketing consultant, interim marketing manager and non-executive director. He is continuing to pursue this career – but outside the learning technologies industry.


Oddly enough, one of BILD’s Board of Trustees – Adrian Snook, now of Learning Accelerators – used to work (as a salesman) for Skillchange Systems under Alistair Morrison. Although invited to do so, he had no comment to make on his former colleague’s relinquishing of BILD membership.

Incidentally, BILD was recently featured on the BBC – on Matt Alright’s program ‘You’ve been scammed’, which looked at home or distance learning scams. As a result, BILD has issued some advice to people who are contemplating home learning or distance learning courses:

  1. Call the learning provider and ask them if they hold BILD membership.
  2. Ask them if the course you are planning to follow is accredited by an awarding body and which one.
  1. Email BILD and check if their membership is still valid.
  2. Contact the awarding body to check their course still holds valid accreditation.