The Murphy Group is using Silver Fox cable labels to provide reliable and durable labelling, identifying cable cores on tunnel machines. In particular, the Silver Fox cable labels are being used to mark and identify all power and control cables and conductors.


The Murphy Group tunnel machine (type Caterpillar MP116SE Series 11600 TBM), has excavated a total 1,271m through London Clay at an average depth of around 28m, before arriving in a 7.5m reception shaft. The project is part of the National Grid 132kV extra high voltage power upgrade to London’s electricity infrastructure.


The Murphy Group bought the recently launched Silver Fox  Fox-in-a-Box Advanced Labelling Kit and, in particular, use Silver Fox Legend Zero Halogen Low Smoke Grade Heatshrink Thermal Cable Labels, Fox-Flo Tie-on Cable Labels and Legend 2-part Labelling System Labels:


‘Fox-In-A-Box’ claims to be a cost-effective solution for printing large volumes of cable labels with all the essential components supplied in a single box. The kit includes a Plug’N’Play thermal printer, labelling software, a universal guidance system for heat-shrink and non-shrink tubing, full length thermal ribbon and connecting cables. To help with setting up, there is also a manual and the company offers a free bookable telephone support/set-up session that also includes software training. 


Fox-In-A-Box is designed to make engineers’ lives easier, helping them to save time with every cable labelling job they do,” said Nick Michaelson, Silver Fox’s CEO. “Software updates are also free for both new and existing customers. These are made possible by the special automatic web update module incorporated in the software. The latest free update includes a high speed printing option. We’re delighted that this new update should help our users increase efficiency still further.”


To help the user, Silver Fox offers a solution that uses one printer and one ribbon for all their different label types – so whatever the required label, users use the same printer and the same ribbon. There are other time and cost savings available because, using the special Plug’N’Play printer, users can load and print whatever label type they require without the need for time-consuming set-up and label wastage. They just move seamlessly from one label type to another. Labels that can be printed include: Tie-on Cable Labels, Heat shrink, Non-shrink, Wrap-around self- laminating labels and 2-Part wire marking.


There are two levels of software available: Advanced and Professional. The latter software offers some industry leading import functionality such as cross-ferruling for wire marking and variable duplication of cable labels, where different quantities of each label are required. As well as the free software updates, users have access to free on-going technical support and advice.