eXact Learning Solutions has announced that the latest version of its LCMS – eXact LCMS version 7 – has been certified as conforming to the latest  SCORM standard: SCORM 2004 Third Edition.


As everyone in the e-learning world knows, the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) is a collection of standards and specifications adapted from multiple sources to provide a suite of e-learning capabilities that enable interoperability, accessibility and reusability of web-based learning content. SCORM 2004 is currently the ‘de facto’ e-learning standard for interchanging learning content between compliant LMS and LCMS systems.


Fabrizio Cardinali, the Chair of the European Learning Industry Group (ELIG) and CEO of eXact learning solutions, North America, commented: “Without internationally accepted standards such as SCORM, developers such as eXact learning solutions would not have been able to make – and continue to make – breakthroughs in the application of learning technologies.”

According to Donato Mangialardo, Director of Marketing and Product Strategy at eXact learning solutions: “The main advantage of SCORM 2004 version over its predecessor – SCORM 1.2 – is that SCORM 2004 enables authors to create standards-compliant adaptive learning contents which can be sequenced into personalised learning experiences based on user performance and interactions.

“Contents can then be published and exported to any SCORM 2004 compliant LMS. So instructional designers can now use their preferred pedagogical approach to build e-learning materials which are more personalised and, thus, more engaging than was possible under the previous SCORM content structures.

“With SCORM 2004, it’s possible to also define several sequencing variables to affect the flow of contents at run time, based on user performance. So, for example, if a student fails a test, s/he can navigate to only defined content, such as taking the course again,” he said.


Comment: See ‘The value of – and the need for – systems interoperability’ (6th March) below.