eXact learning solutions is making available – on request – a recording of its recent webinar, which attracted over 100 attendees/ participants. The 45-minute webinar focused on today’s issues in learning content production and the management lifecycle in large organisations. It also presented successful cases of LCMS implementation in large organisations.


The webinar showcased evidence that world-leading organisations are turning to multi-content source integration and multi-channel delivery. Indeed, they are demonstrating a need for increasingly flexible and adaptive online and offline authoring environments – providing a more flexible content production lifecycle, both on- and offline, which is both web- and desktop-based.

The webinar used the latest eXact LCMS – version 8 – to showcase flexible integration with third party LMSs, such as the integration with Moodle 2 used in the webinar. This extends the learner reach with rich media and mobile delivery options to improve the overall knowledge retention experience.

Those who would like to access the recording of the webinar can do so by visiting www.exact-learning.com/resources/webinars  to get a password which will allow them to download the recording.


Comment: Along with OutStart, eXact learning solutions has been at the forefront of LCMS development and application for over 15 years – the lifetime of the LCMS – so its insights, based on extensive experience, should be of value to anyone looking to get maximum use and effectiveness from an LCMS. This is especially true when those insights are available for free – as in this case.