‘Whatever happened to so and so?’ is a common question when old colleagues get together – and the question is far from rare in the e-learning world.


One person, who established quite a high profile in the industry a few years ago and then seemed to drift away from e-learning was Mark Pittaway. Once the head of Sheffield-based Learning Light – the Sheffield-based organisation which focuses on promoting the use of e-learning and learning technologies – he moved on to pursue other business interests.


Now comes news that he has set-up a joint venture company – with UK and German partners – called ZHaus Ltd to design, manufacture and build sustainable homes and commercial buildings. ZHaus uses offsite manufacturing methods to produce energy efficient, closed panel homes to meet the requirements of the UK housing market. The business/building system is mainly targeted at architects, builders, developers and housing associations (http://www.zhaus.co.uk/home).


Also, with a German partner, Opitz, Pittaway and his team are launching the ‘sunnyport’ solar car port range targeted at commercial clients that are looking to generate additional revenues (http://www.zhaus.co.uk/home/sunnyport_basic).


All of Mark’s friends in the e-learning sector will wish him well in his new venture.