Bob Little Press & PR client Waste King ( – the specialist collections, clearance and recycling company which, earlier this year, received a Green Apple Award as one of Britain’s ‘greenest companies’ – has teamed up with the British Heart Foundation (BHF) and the Salvation Army in order to help other people’s waste materials benefit those in need.


A few months ago, Waste King installed a recycling point for clothes and shoes at its premises in the Frogmore Industrial Estate in Hemel Hempstead – along with a BHF ‘book bank’, for used books.


According to the Salvation Army. most clothes have at least 70% of their useful life left when their owner disposes of them. The income that the Salvation Army receives from its recycling activities helps to fund beds for the homeless, cups of tea for the thirsty and food for the hungry.


Waste King has also partnered with the BHF to recycle unwanted items collected during the company’s house and garden clearances. Waste King is now taking truck-loads of unwanted items to one of the BHF’s largest shops in the South East, in Romford, Essex. The shop is selling these items and raising money for much-needed research.


Waste King’s managing director, Glenn Currie, explained: “Waste King offers a number of domestic and commercial waste and rubbish clearance services – including from the house, garden, garage, loft and cellar.  As a result, we’re left with tonnes of unwanted customer items which are in perfectly good repair. The BHF can make use of these items – which further enables us to increase recycling and divert from landfill, which is one of our major goals.”


Waste King partners Glenn Currie and Andy Cattigan are dedicated to recycling up to 75% of the waste that the company collects – thereby reducing the burden placed on landfill. Currie commented: “Surprisingly, our policy of linking with charities in this way appears to be pretty ground-breaking stuff for a waste management company. We’re now networked with a number of other, well established organisations across the UK that re-use and recycle. It’s a strategy that benefits everyone – and the environment.”


Comment: It needn’t only be Waste King that takes some practical steps to promote recycling, reduce our reliance on landfill and help benefit those in need – via charities – in a practical way. Any firm with space to collect waste clothes, shoes, books and so on could do the same and, by so doing, can help others and our environment become a little better off.