Under a strategic partnership agreement between Safety Media and EDTRIN, EDTRIN will be responsible for the marketing and delivery of Safety Media’s training programs to global markets. It will also provide translation, localization and contextualization services.


“Safety Media and EDTRIN has formed a strategic partnership to deliver our best of breed health and safety training products to a global market,” said Toby Roberts, Managing Director of Safety Media.


He added that, “We’re excited to be partnering with EDTRIN in this project. EDTRIN’s local knowledge will combine perfectly with our globalized products, ensuring successful delivery to relevant markets in need of top quality health and safety training and education.”


Graeme Coomber, CEO of EDTRIN added, “We welcome this wonderful partnership with Safety Media to deliver their world-class health and safety programs to our target markets in the Asia Pacific, Indian Subcontinent and the Middle East. We recognize that there is an increasing demand for such training and this complements EDTRIN’s vision of providing life-long education and training to the global community.”


The Safety Media courses are expected to be available to EDTRIN’s customers from January 2016.