A cartoon of Bob Little drawn by the celebrated US cartoonist, Mark Penta.

All football or rugby supporters appear to have strong views on who should ‘manage’ and who should ‘captain’ their team. Evidence, over time, from these sporting worlds suggests that very few ‘great players’ go on to make ‘great managers’. Instead, most of the successful managers weren’t outstanding players.

The good player, or performer, needs the skills to read a game or a situation and make the right tactical and technical choices. The good manager needs the skills to engage and motivate the team – and lead it to success. To be a good – let alone great – manager means being able to build a team and earn their respect by knowing the tactics and technicalities even if you don’t have to use them in practical situations.

The same is true, not just in team sport and business but also in the arts – notably singing in the classical/romantic bel canto style.

Some of the greatest singing teachers have not been great performers. One such was the Italian teacher, Luigi Ricci, who taught – among others – the world famous bass-baritone, Tito Gobbi, and the Welsh tenor, Edgar Evans, who sang for some 30 years as a principal tenor at the Royal Opera, Covent Garden.

Over the years, Edgar passed on the technique that he had learnt. As one of his pupils, I have now encapsulated that technique into an e-book, which is available from The Endless Bookcase (http://bit.ly/tFnis7) and the Amazon (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sofa-Professional-Opera-Singer-ebook/dp/B006N9LCSG/ref=pd_rhf_gw_p_t_2) websites.

The book has already attracted some highly positive reviews – from people who should know what they’re talking about – and, at £3.68, it won’t break the bank for any aspiring singer. However, if you think it might, then write to me – at bob.little@boblittlepr.com – and I’ll send you a code which will allow you 20 per cent off the purchase price of the book via The Endless Bookcase. The code is valid until midnight on 31st December 2011.

Comments (by others):

‘This book is both practical and wonderfully inspirational.’ Professor Frank Banks, of The Open University.

‘This book will surely be a source of encouragement and a useful guide for the aspiring singer.’ John Falk, retired but, formerly, Assistant Director of Studies and Head of Student Services at Trinity College of Music in London.

‘Read this book and you are likely to catch the singing fever! I heartily recommend it.’ Margaret Johnson, vocal coach and musical director of the Putteridge Bury Gilbert & Sullivan Society including being musical director for the Society’s production at the 2011 International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival, in Buxton, Derbyshire.

‘Bob Little delivers a comprehensive yet accessible work for the interested observer as well as the aspirant performer.’ Stuart Nurse, professional actor.