Silver Fox, a leading UK manufacturer of labelling solutions, has reported positive results from the most recent tests carried out on its labels – for exposure to ultra-violet (UV) weathering.


These tests – for 500 hours’ exposure to UV weathering – apply to Silver Fox’s:

  • Prolab® Select wrap-round labels
  • Original Prolab® wrap-round labels 
  • Legend™ polyester thermal printable tie-on TSR3 ribbon
  • Legend™ polyester laser printable tie-on laser labels, in yellow, white, red, green, blue and orange 


According to the test certificates, issued by Materials Technology Ltd, of Totton, Hampshire, after 500 hours’ exposure all the labels were perfectly legible. There was no apparent change in the Prolab® Select wrap-round labels (which are actually designed and made for internal use); no visible surface residue; no visible cracking or crazing, and no visible change in the surface gloss of the products.


The original style Prolab® wrap-round cable label remained clearly legible throughout the test but there was some discolouration. However, the label was tested to an outdoor weathering cycle, although it is intended for indoor use.


These Silver Fox labels are primarily designed for internal use; however questions are often posed about their use externally, so it was decided to have them tested by exposing them to ultra-violet weathering. Silver Fox are proud of having extensive product testing data available to their clients and are constantly adding to their testing knowledge base.


With the polyester laser printable Legend™ tie-on labels, in yellow, white, red, green, blue and orange, there was no visible change in the white tie-on labels but the non-white labels showed slight chalking, resulting in some lightening, but the print on the labels remained clearly legible.


The tests were run in accordance with ISO 4892-3 Method A cycle 1 (outdoor simulation) using UVA bulbs and approved continuous cycling parameters.


Nico Frame, Silver Fox’s Marketing Manager, explained: “Silver Fox only ever tests its finished final printed products in this way. This is in preference to, for example, separately testing each of the materials that comprise the label – because this could give an unrealistic assessment of a finished label’s ability to withstand the rigours of real world, active use.”

Nico Frame, of Silver Fox.


“Silver Fox labels are routinely used in the Energy, Power, Rail and Data & Telecoms industries worldwide,” said Silver Fox’s CEO, Nick Michaelson.


“These labels are often used in demanding conditions, so it’s important that our labels are tested thoroughly to ensure that they’ll perform well under ‘real world’ conditions. The tests also enable us to better advise customers as to which labels, even the ones for internal application, will perform well in different conditions.”

Nick Michaelson, Silver Fox's CEO.


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