The UK-based manufacturer of labelling solutions, Silver Fox, has updated and upgraded both its thermal printer and its Labacus Innovator labelling software. The company, which delivers solutions for the Oil & Gas, Power, Rail and Data & Telecoms industries worldwide which are designed to ensure fast and efficient identification of cables, wires, optical fibres, panels and equipment, developed both the printer and software to help engineers who’re working on time-critical projects to turn time into profit.

Silver Fox's Labacus Innovator software has been updated and upgraded.


The link between Silver Fox’s software and its thermal printer has been further improved. Previously, Silver Fox offered significant savings in both time and label wastage when setting up a label run. Now, with the latest release, there are even greater potential savings – as engineers can plug the printer in and allow the software to automatically select and sort out the relevant USB port.


Using the methodology of continuous improvement, this latest enhancement means that the selection of the USB printer port is fully automatic. Moreover, since Silver Fox has already written its own printer driver, which is installed as part of the software, no additional printer drivers need installing.


“This attention to detail – making sure that the Silver Fox thermal printer and software works instantly, saving time and effort – is part of the Silver Fox philosophy,” commented Nick Michaelson, CEO of Silver Fox. “Another example of this attention to detail is the option for the user to underline ‘6’, ‘8’ and ‘9’ in the printed labels. This latter option for underlining is particularly useful for wrap-round labels where, for example, a number could be read as ‘600’ when it’s really ‘009’.  There’s a further option for ‘0’ to be ‘Ø’.


“Silver Fox works really hard – so our customers don’t have to.  This is true of everything we do,” he added.


Silver Fox has released a new version of its Labacus Innovator labelling software, which comes in three versions: Standard, Advanced and Professional. These differ only in the level of functionality.


“While the Advanced version is the most popular, the Professional version contains industry-leading features for importing and manipulating printing information,” said Nick. “Both these levels help users build or import data quickly and with the minimum of fuss – while the Professional level offers industry-leading spread-sheet manipulation and importation. Silver Fox software users are guaranteed the most up-to-date release because of a module incorporated into the software that automatically downloads the latest version from the Silver Fox website, free of charge.


“These updates are based on feedback from engineers across the globe. So, wherever users are based and however long their project, they can always be sure they’re working from the latest release – to help them produce labels quickly and efficiently; helping them turn ‘Time into Profit’,” he said. “Engineers want the reassurance and reliability that comes from working with a company that manufactures in the UK and that offers an extensive range of label options, with customer-focused technical and support services around the world. That’s one of the reasons they’re turning to Silver Fox.”