Optical fibre flag labels, from Silver Fox.

Silver Fox, a leading UK manufacturer of labelling solutions, has launched a new range of labels that can be applied to any optical fibre cable. Optical fibre labelling can be tricky, but Silver Fox’s Optical Fibre Flag Labels offer a durable, convenient printed solution that can be produced via a standard office laser printer – thus helping engineers to improve their ‘labelling output and efficiency’.


The labels are shaped with a special ‘shoulder’ that allows the engineer to properly align the label with the optical fibre as they are being applied to the fibre. This greatly improves label alignment, so the finished job takes less time and is neater.


Moreover, because the labels can be printed on any standard printer, engineers don’t need to purchase a special label printer, or order them to be printed elsewhere – thus saving them both time and money. 


Silver Fox Optical Fibre Flag Labels are backed with super strength adhesive for long-term bonding. 


They have been successfully independently tested to withstand temperatures ranging between 85°C and minus 40°C. Other tests include: humidity, salt mist spray and even H2S (hydrogen sulphide) exposure.


“Applying optical fibre flags can be a fiddly, time-consuming job, but our solution makes this task much easier,” explained Nick Michaelson, CEO of Silver Fox.  “Using Silver Fox Optical Fibre Flag Labels, engineers can now print and apply labels more accurately and efficiently – turning time into profit.”