As part of its commitment to constantly update and improve its extensive range of labelling solutions, Silver Fox has recently introduced the Prolab® Select range of wrap-round self-laminating cable labels.


Wrap-around cable labels from Silver Fox.



These labels use a new, much faster manufacturing process than was previously the case – and this process enables these labels to be produced at lower cost to the user.


However, Silver Fox, a leading UK manufacturer of labelling solutions, has developed a completely new format for the printable area and so has been able to maintain the very high opacity already achieved with their existing range – so the result is lower cost labels with the same opacity as Silver Fox’s well-known premium brand of wrap-round self-laminating cable labels.


Routinely used in the Oil & Gas, Power, Rail and Data & Telecoms industries worldwide, all Silver Fox labels are manufactured in the UK.


Nick Michaelson, CEO of Silver Fox, commented: “This new label range is the result of a long term development project with the key objectives of maintaining the opacity and durability of our existing wrap round labels but, at the same time, reducing the costs of production which, in turn, could be passed onto our users.  We’re delighted that our research teams have cracked it!


“This is all part of our commitment to continually innovate in the market and offer cost and time saving solutions for our users,” he added. “If you like, it’s all about turning ‘Time into Profit’.”