LogiXML (www.logixml.com) the provider of next generation, web-based business intelligence (BI) software, is demonstrating its technology at Parkex, Europe’s largest dedicated trade Parking Exhibition, which is being held at the National Hall, Olympia, London, on 17th and 18th April.


Known for pioneering a highly embeddable web-based architecture for integration within other products, LogiXML provides dashboards, user-friendly reports and on-demand analysis enabling both technical and non-technical users to make better decisions for their organisations. At Parkex, it’s demonstrating how its technology allows organisations to deploy sophisticated BI applications rapidly to any number of users on any platform, without per-user fees and without extensive development or professional services.


In particular, it’ll be highlighting the work it’s doing with the parking and business service at Islington Council. Islington Council uses LogiXML BI software to ensure a cost-effective, ‘lean’ use of resources – including reduced contract costs, reduced staff overhead and improved customer relations – providing value for money for ratepayers. Using Logi Info – LogiXML’s BI software solution – allows the Council’s parking enforcement reporting system to scan 2.5 million records in only 1.6 seconds. Previously, similar queries required eight hours with the embedded Crystal reports.


Additionally, Islington parking enforcement managers can now see the activity of all the Council’s civil enforcement officers (CEOs) in real time. Customisable dashboards integrate with Google Earth Enterprise and include real-time parking performance, live ticket issuing and the whereabouts of the CEOs. Tracking staff performance and improving processes, has enabled productivity to increase by 15 per cent across the board in the Council’s parking department.


Logi Info includes the ability to instantly access individual parking tickets, analyse CCTV evidence to judge if complaints are justified, view the history of individual vehicles and drivers, query the system (to find addresses for those receiving tickets), and issue immediate responses. This settles cases effectively, improves customer service and saves money.


Comment: It’s rare to get a ‘win-win’ situation where parking charges and prosecutions are concerned. LogiXML seems to be providing a valuable public service in Islington. Maybe other local authorities should take note.