It seems that, in the wake of George Osborne’s Autumn Statement on the UK economy, it’s not just our standards of living that are about to take a giant step back to the turn of the century.


The next eLearning Network meeting – scheduled to take place on 9th December – has the title ‘How to Write Great Copy, Create Storyboards and Scenarios’. The promotional material for the meeting says: ‘Well-written copy is the foundation of great e-learning. It’s easy to be seduced by technology and tools and forget this simple truth.’


Could this mean that, suddenly, ‘Content is King’ again?


This was certainly the message of the e-learning developers who blazed a trail for this industry in the 1990s – when one its key champions was Donald Clark, then of EPIC and now a forceful commentator on the ‘learning’ world, who gave several rousing and passionate presentations about this idea at various conferences.


It’s nice to see that ideas never quite die away. Congratulations to the eLN for reviving (rather than resurrecting) the ‘content’ topic. Let’s hope that nostalgia is not what it was.


Patrick Fitzpatrick’s subsequent Tweet: @BobLittlePR I think content will start to take a backseat – the future of e-learning says interaction and reaction will be king.