Telecoms giant, Telefónica, has standardised its technology-delivered learning materials thanks to eXact learning solutions’ learning content management system (LCMS).


Early in 2014, Telefónica UK’s learning and development professionals realised that all the company’s learning materials’ authors were creating content using a variety of authoring tools. As Asi DeGani, Head of Digital Learning at Telefónica UK, commented, “We were getting an interesting collection of content that was highly ‘creative’ but there was no consistency – or brand guidelines – about these materials.


“This made online learning like a box of chocolates – users could get anything,” he added. “This posed a problem because users were spending more time trying to see how to use the learning materials than doing the learning.”


Moreover, Telefónica UK realised that learning materials were ‘siloed’ – on authors’ laptops – so it was often difficult to get to these when individual authors were away from their desk.


“We needed a unified approach to creating openly accessible learning content,” said Asi. “Having considered a number of options, we realised we needed a system that would always be online and available to our employees, partners and franchisees. In addition, we needed a system that used HTML5, rather than Flash, since so many of our learning materials are accessed from mobile devices.


“This indicated that we needed an LCMS solution,” he added.


“The popular choice – principally chosen because of its highly responsive design functionalities – was the eXact learning LCMS, from the Italy-based digital learning content management business solutions producer, eXact learning solutions,” said Asi.


Having migrated its learning materials to the eXact learning LCMS, Telefónica UK now has thousands of learning objects on the system – many hundreds of which are accessed daily by the company’s 7,500 employees, along with its 15,000 partners and franchisees.


Since Telefónica UK’s 25 content creators started using the eXact learning LCMS less than a year ago, their productivity has risen from some 1.5 ‘screens’ per day to between two and four screens per day – even though they are still on the ‘LCMS learning curve’, getting to grips with the product.


“We’re also receiving highly positive comments about the system from the content authors,” said Asi. “We’re certainly planning to continue using the LCMS and, maybe, will expand our use of it next year.”


“All the custom-built content produced by third party developers exists on the LCMS,” explained eXact learning solutions’ international sales manager, Federico Dondero. “So Telefónica – not the third party developers – now has the original files for these materials, and this makes it simpler and easier to update these materials, especially since they now exist in the Cloud.”


The LCMS brings homogeneity of approach and look-and-feel to Telefónica UK’s learning materials, and, since Telefónica UK owns a number of brands – in addition to O2 – the LCMS’s template-based approach allows learning materials to be given a particular ‘branding’.


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