Aren’t Royal Families great? Well, not all of them all of the time, of course – like every family and everyone. But we do quite like it when they do something that gives the rest of us a chance for some well earned time off work – like a Royal Wedding.


So roll on next April!


Next April is going to be a bank holiday bonanza. Thanks to a late Easter, the early May bank holiday and now the Royal Wedding on 29th April, we could contribute three days of our annual leave and get an 11 day break from work between 22nd April and 2nd May 2011. It’ll be just like Christmas – but in spring.


So, huzzah for holidays! Unless the powers that be are trying to tell us that the economic situation is going to be so bad by April that no one will have any work to do – or is that too cynical and paranoid a view to take?