Excitement is mounting among the UK’s online learning community ahead of Thursday 6th December. On that day, at a special event at the Museum of London, the eLN – the UK’s premier association for users and developers of all aspects of online learning – officially celebrates its 25th birthday with a conference and a party.



In addition to the not insignificant attractions of the venue and the invitation to eat some birthday cake, there is also the chance to hear a number of speakers speculating on the future for e-learning.


These speakers include Laura Overton, of Towards Maturity, and Stephen Heppell – billed as ‘Europe’s leading online education expert – who holds a host of eminent positions at the University of Wales and the universities of Bournemouth, and Anglia Ruskin.


Before that, however, a number of past chairs of the eLN and of its predecessor body, The Association for Computer Based Training (TACT) will discuss things from e-learning’s past which were significant and should be cherished as well as other things from that past which should be consigned to the dustbin of history. Early indications are that, among the topics for debate – one way or the other – are smartphones, Second Life and SCORM.


In addition, Bob Little will be presenting a brief history of the association – from its earliest days when it met at a London hotel which was dirty, whose meeting room was functional and whose lunch was basic and, occasionally, inedible. However, TACT’s ethos was it was a group that was hungry for knowledge, not food, and it wanted to keep the costs of acquiring that knowledge as low as possible.


It’s a philosophy that has stood the group in good stead over the years – which is probably why the eLN is still going strong after 25 years. Its ‘physical’ and virtual meetings continue to be a valuable source of information on all aspects of online learning

For more details of the event, visit: http://www.elearningnetwork.org/events/elearning-network-s-25th-birthday-bash-conference