Helen Smirthwaite, Omniplex's Community Manager.

Omniplex, the e-learning solutions provider which distributes corporate e-learning products in Europe and the Americas, has announced growth – in revenue terms – from July 2010 to the end of June 2011 of some 38 per cent compared with the previous year’s turnover. That year’s turnover (in 2009/10) had represented a rise of some 35 per cent over the previous year.


Omniplex’s e-learning solutions address the full value-chain of technology-based learning, including LMSs, authoring tools and services, along with solutions for learning re-enforcement. They include the Articulate rapid authoring tool; the Absorb LMS and SmartLab, its brand-focused learning platform; Cameo, a web-based tool which uses ‘push technology’ to provide automated, scheduled, learning re-enforcement via email, and Bloomfire, a contemporary social media tool which provides a way to share knowledge within an organisation or group.


Omniplex’s managing director, Matthew Lloyd, has commented: “Importantly, we’re focusing on – and committed to – providing our clients with the very best e-learning products and high quality customer care. That we are being successful in this is being borne out by our growing reputation, turnover and profitability.”


No doubt encouraged by its results, Omniplex has expanded its workforce on both sides of the Atlantic. In the UK, Omniplex has appointed Helen Smirthwaite as its Community Manager, with special responsibility for the company’s social media presence via Twitter, blogs and so on, and Georgina Hamblin, who has become one of the company’s Business Development Managers. Omniplex’s operations in North America have been boosted by the appointment of Adriann Haney, who is heading-up Omniplex’s offices in Virginia, in the USA, and the re-appointment of Susan Morin, who is responsible for the company’s Canadian operations and all North American sales operations.


Comment: Among the reasons for its continued rapid growth are Omniplex’s geographic expansion into North America and increasingly strong sales of its suite of market-leading e-learning solutions in the UK and Europe. Other reasons include the subtle shifts in the market for e-learning which are seeing organisations take e-learning development in-house and, so, need to buy the (rapid authoring) tools and the training they need to make this policy a success. Omniplex and one or two others seem to be cashing in on this trend.