Some 400 women in Oman have now completed the Springboard women’s development programme.


Developed by the UK-based Springboard Consultancy, the Springboard women’s development programme enables women to identify the clear, practical and realistic steps that they want to take to make a better world for themselves at work and home, while building both the practical skills and the confidence to take these steps.


Ayesha Salim Al Shoily, a licensed Springboard trainer with Ooredoo, based in Oman, recently completed delivering a Springboard programme to 150 women – all of whom are professionals working in the Oman Government sector. The programme was supported, as part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitments and the memorandum of understanding signed between Ooredoo and several Government sectors, by Ooredoo, the Qatar-based digital telecoms company.


Having been trained and licensed as a Springboard trainer some six years ago, Ayesha has now led Springboard programmes for over 400 women in Oman. Some 200 of these were trained only last year so, says Ayesha, this shows that the programme is gaining momentum within the region.


Ayesha Salim Al Shoily.


Ayesha added, “As part of their development, women on the Springboard programme are encouraged to devise and deliver a project. On the recently completed programme, the women delivered over 30 projects – most of which are charitable in nature.


“These projects were showcased at a conference and exhibition that marked these women’s graduation.”


As an indication of the Springboard programme’s growth in status and value in Oman, the Under-Secretary at the Civil Service Ministry hosted the first such graduation ceremony. The Minister of the Civil Service hosted the graduation ceremony in 2015 – and this year’s graduation was hosted by the Minister of the Environment and Climate Affairs, HE Mohammed bin Salim Al Toobi.


“Many of the women choose to continue delivering their charity projects after they’ve graduated from the Springboard programme,” said Ayesha. “In response – and to encourage this trend – the Ministry of Civil Service has now decided to officially support those groups who continue working on their projects.”


“Ooredoo believes that the Sultanate’s ambitious female population is one of its strongest assets,” said Kumail Al Moosawi, Ooredoo Chief People and Corporate Affairs Officer. “They have important roles to play in business, industry, government, and academia; their achievements helping power Oman’s continued success and prosperity.


“We welcome progressive programmes like Springboard that help them fulfil their ambitions and make their aspirations a reality as we work together for a better tomorrow.”


This year’s graduation – showing those on the Springboard programme. Ayesha Salim Al Shoily is seated in the centre of the front row.