Two unique leadership communications specialists are making their debuts at this year’s Learning Technologies event, in London.


The Forum Partnership helps its clients develop effective communication skills – by creating co-ordinated, immersive, team-based educational experiences. This can involve combining actors, video, live streaming, coaching, feedback, challenging case material and realistic scenarios in an award-winning venue.


With clients in the worlds of business, the professions and the public sector, The Forum Partnership – established 20 years ago – helps clients gain bottom-line benefits from greater staff engagement, more focused messaging and reduced waste. It does this via such things as:

•        helping them to practise sales pitches and key one-on-one conversations

•        supporting key management functions and developing high flyers’ client experience via improvised scenarios

•        improving change management effectiveness by ensuring staff appreciate key messages


“We give clients all the ammunition they need, so they can be successful when they have the toughest learning and development (L&D) conversations,” explained Lindsey Mack, one of the directors of The Forum Partnership. “We help them clear their head, order their thoughts, speak with focus and adopt winning behaviours.”


“Whether you feel bamboozled by suppliers, undermined by your own IT department or not given the same recognition as other professionals in your organisation, The Forum Partnership will help you develop ways to skilfully, calmly and assertively gain the upper hand,” he added.


“So come to stand R1 at Learning Technologies, in London’s Olympia on 1st and 2nd February, and talk to us about these ‘Transformational Conversations’.”


For those wanting to use learning technologies to develop and deliver fast, authentic, precise and inspiring effective leadership communication, along with other L&D topics – especially, in the fields of compliance and regulation – The Forum Partnership works with its subsidiary, CloudQast. Working with companies around the world, primarily – but not exclusively – via Cloud-based, interactive video, CloudQast provides creative, intelligent and flexible solutions for leaders to share their ‘voice, mind and vision’ and, so, engage and inspire their people.


“Visit CloudQast – on stand R1 – for everything you need to know about learning technologies such as mobile, interactive and video,” said CloudQast director, Damian Gaskin. “Alternatively, call at the CloudQast stand and we’ll share with you the funniest anecdote you’re going to hear at this event!”


Damian Gaskin (left) and Lindsey Mack, of The Forum Partnership – and CloudQast.