Waste King is taking its own advice as far as being environmentally friendly is concerned.



The specialist collections, clearance and recycling company that focuses on providing a highly environmentally friendly service, has installed a solar panel on top of a Portakabin at its company headquarters. This solar panel charges the battery for the company’s fuel tank pump – and is set to provide Waste King with free power for this, for the foreseeable future.


The solar panel comprises a 30W 12V Photonic Universe solar charging kit with a 30W solar panel, automatic 5A solar charge controller and battery cable. The high efficiency, waterproof 30W solar panel is designed to charge a 12V battery which is standard for powering such applications as lights, fans, water pumps and even electric fences.


“The panel’s waterproof design ensures that the panel can be used in all weather conditions – and its long-lasting, high-efficiency, polycrystalline cells along with its sealed, aluminium frame should give us years of consistent, free power,” commented Waste King’s operations director, Andy Cattigan.


Andy’s colleague, Waste King’s managing director, Glenn Currie, said: “This initiative is working so well for us that we now have plans to install further solar panels to help us power other areas of our business, such as the store room lights.


“Waste King has built its market-leading reputation on providing a highly environmentally friendly service to all of its customers. Indeed, we guarantee to recycle 98 per cent of every load of waste that our operatives collect.


“It’s great that we can put the ‘green’ power of solar panels to work for us – as well as advocate their use by others. Indeed, if anyone is thinking of installing solar panels and would like to know more about our experience with this environmentally friendly source of energy, we’d be delighted to talk to them.”