Waste King, the environmentally friendly waste collection and recycling services specialist, is experiencing huge growth in its business despite the current challenging market conditions.


According to its Managing Director, Glenn Currie, Waste King processed some 3,000 new orders in July (2023) alone, generating over £500,000 in revenue. July’s substantial and encouraging revenue figures are part of a trend that Waste King has been experiencing since spring this year.


Glenn Currie explained, “The increase in revenue is mainly due to Waste King winning several national and group contracts. This has led us to put five new trucks on the road, employ nine new staff and invest further in our transfer station so we can process more waste materials and increase the amount of the materials that are recycled – rather than send them to landfill.


“More locally, we now have 147 sites using waste pods – Waste King’s unique, environmentally friendly, waste collection and disposal solution for schools and care homes.”


Waste King’s business growth and growing business optimism is prompting an expansion of its Board of Directors, with a new Director about the join the board.


According to Andy Cattigan, Waste King’s Operations Director, “We’re continuing to invest in technology and expand our national online booking activities. It’s all part of our growth plan to move to larger premises within six months and achieve a turnover of £10m.


“We’re also making excellent progress in pursuit of becoming a Net Zero business. Over the past 24 months, our strategy has been to divert from landfill the waste we collect, with this waste being increasingly processed, through shredding, and turned into energy.


“We continue to engage with staff, gaining useful feedback from both our staff and customers; developing our people so their skills keep improving and they believe in themselves,” Andy added. “We believe it all goes to make our premises a fun place to work as well as improving our operations – and customer service.”


About Waste King Ltd (http://wastekingrubbishclearance.com/)

As a specialist collections operator, formed in 2007 by Glenn Currie and Andy Cattigan, Waste King serves the domestic and commercial markets. It focuses not only on providing a friendly, efficient, cost-effective service but also one which is environmentally friendly. In particular, Waste King’s uniformed, Environment Agency-licensed staff take time to ensure that the maximum amount of waste can be recycled and that all the waste it collects is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Waste King aims to create a professional and environmentally responsible solution for both homes and businesses alike by creating the environmentally friendly solution to waste removal and recycling.