Waste King – a specialist collections, clearance and recycling company that focuses on providing a highly environmentally friendly service – guarantees to recycle 98 per cent of every load it collects.


However, it had an unexpected challenge recently when its Customer Service Assistants, Harry Durham and Andy Morgan, came across a run-away dog not far from the company’s headquarters.


'Scrap', the run-away dog.


According to Harry: “It was very early in the morning and Andy and I were on our way to our first job when we noticed a dog crossing the road. There was no one else about so, being dog lovers, we stopped our vehicle and approached the dog on foot.


“The dog – a cross between a beagle and a pug – wagged its tail as I approached,” added Harry. “Andy and I checked its collar but couldn’t find the name or address of its owner.”


So, for safety’s sake, Harry and Andy took the dog back to Waste King’s Long Marston headquarters. According to Waste King’s Managing Director, Glenn Currie, the dog was nicknamed ‘Scrap’ and given the run of the company’s offices.


Harry put a post on the ‘Everything Tring’ Facebook page, asking for information about the dog. Thankfully, a lady saw the news and called her friend, whose dog it was. So, later that day, the owner called at Waste King’s offices – and retrieved her dog, safe and sound.


Glenn Currie commented: “It was great to be able to reunite the dog with its owner. As a company, we aim to be environmentally friendly and recycle as much as possible of every load we collect. Typically, we manage to recycle over 98 per cent of every load – which makes our service highly environmentally friendly.


“This time, thankfully, we managed a very helpful 100 per cent recycle rate – and both the dog and his owner were delighted with the result.”