Every so often, you read a story and think, ‘I wish I’d written that’. The latest manifestation of that thought occurred to me recently on reading the ‘Chalkface’ diary in the November edition E-Learning Age magazine. The story reads:

‘Last month we reported how pleased Video Arts was that it had managed to sell its e-learning on how to hold a meeting to trainee priests. Now it has created a DVD to “help organisations to build the leadership and management skills that will be needed in the event of industrial action”. The firm sees a commercial opportunity assuming Britain is going to be hurled into industrial unrest. It is an interesting idea that producers of generic e-learning are trying to predict the next big thing. Perhaps as well as how to cope with strikes, a DVD on how to lay off 30% of your staff while doubling output will be next off the production line.’


Comment: In blogging terms, I suppose that this is the equivalent of a ‘re-Tweet’. Anyway, ‘Nice one, E-Learning Age’.