The Springboard Consultancy (SBC), an international training company specialising in addressing women’s development issues, is now finding success in also helping men to clarify their priorities and life goals.


SBC’s Navigator Development Programme is designed for men from all backgrounds, ages and stages of their lives, who want to examine their home and work life in order to take their next steps more consciously. In addition, the Navigator programme enables employers to develop staff to their fullest potential and can be a component in any Diversity, Inclusion and/or gender initiatives.


Rob Machin and Paul Virtue run the Navigator programme for Avon & Somerset Police, as well as for the police service in Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall.


“Having instigated the Springboard development programme for women some 20 years ago, SBC was constantly being asked for an equivalent programme for men,” said Rob. “So it began a similar programme for men, and called it Navigator.


“The Navigator programme helps you to discover how to be the best that you can be,” he added. “It helps you build on your existing skills and abilities – and helps make you increasingly productive in the workplace.”


Within the Avon & Somerset police force, the programme is offered to men below middle management level. To date, 140 of the force’s police, civilian and contract staff have completed the programme.


“Not only do we get ‘good quality’ people on the programme but we also receive excellent feedback from their supervisors and line managers once they’ve completed the programme,” said Rob. “In addition, the men on the programme are extremely positive about Navigator – and their enthusiasm helps to persuade others to sign up for the programme.”


“A small number of those who’ve been on the programme have left the police, because they’ve realised that their job was at odds with their goals and aims in life – while many others have been promoted at work because the programme has helped to raise their aspirations and confidence levels,” added Paul.   


Jenny Daisley OBE, SBC’s joint-CEO, explained why a women’s development consultancy is running a programme for men:  “If the culture of work is to change, becoming more equitable and fulfilling for everyone, then men need to change just as much as women. In fact, many people would argue that men need to change even more so.


“However, very few men have access to personal development opportunities where they can consider how to do things differently and what they want from their lives at work. Navigator fills that gap.


“The results from Navigator relate to the objectives each man sets himself on the first workshop,” she continued. “Many men use the programme to get results at work, such as new qualifications, promotions, new skills, a new attitude to change and a massive boost of energy, motivation and determination.


“Other men focus on issues in their personal life, such as sorting out difficult relationships, improving health, dealing with stress and gaining a work/life balance. Some men move up their career ladder after attending the Navigator development programme for men, while others stay in the same job but with an invigorated sense of purpose and a more positive attitude” said Jenny.


“Among the aggregate results of the Navigator programme are that 84% of past participants say they have ‘a more positive attitude’ since attending the Navigator development programme; 82% say they have ‘better decision making’ skills; 82% say they have ‘better communication skills’, and 29% have received a performance-related pay increase or bonus for which they credit the Navigator development programme for men.”


Jenny Daisley OBE, of the Springboard Consultancy.